For whatever your fitness needs may be, Optimal Fitness is the way to go. Whether being someone who wants to get in shape to someone who wants to win the Ironman, we can meet your needs. We offer a plethora of different ways to get fit, such as boot camp, crossfit and yoga. If you're looking to get the whole family in shape, we can help with that too. The Sports Performance Program is here to boost your kids' speed, agility and strength. Here are a few of our loyal clients' takes on their experiences:


"Optimal Fitness is a gem in a sea full of generic gyms. I can honestly say this after trying most of the popular workout venues available in multiple states. As a traveling nurse I struggled to find a way to maintain my fitness level. Like many, I lacked consistency in working out and fell into the pattern of bad habits. After attending my first boot camp class at Optimal Fitness I was hooked. The class was welcoming and provided a variety of different exercises for all fitness levels. The gym also has a unique environment integrating the different terrians a sports complex has to offer into your workout. This being said, you never know what each class will bring. Regan is a wizard at concocting workouts to keep you interested and motivated so you keep coming back for more. There is no doubt he loves what he does and cares about each members fitness goals. Offering alterations to prevent injuries and advice about form to optimize results. Oh and did I forget to mention, you will see results. After only a couple months I have noticed increased energy levels, muscle tone, endurance, weight loss, and strength to name a few. This gym truly lives up to its name providing an optimal environment filled with optimistic people ready to optimize your fitness journey."

-Courtney Nase


"I have been a member of this gym since February and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I am 42 yrs old and a mom of 4 and I do the 9am bootcamp with Regan and the yoga on Saturdays. I have played sports all my life and still today I play soccer 3-4 days a week. But I have never been happy with my body or my fitness level. A friend of mine recommended Optimal Fitness so I gave it a try and to be truthful, it has changed my life. In just 3 short months, I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost over 10 pounds and it may not be a big deal to most people, but I am now a medium after a lifetime of L/XL. Besides the weight loss, I am so much stronger and faster and my endurance has greatly improved as well. I have had numerous soccer teammates mention to me the difference they see in my soccer play and my body. I feel great and my body is toning up in ways I never thought possible. When my husband notices these things too, I know I am in the right place. Bootcamp is challenging but with the HIIT, the classes are never boring and the time flies. I am amazed how I am doing new exercises each and everyday - it never gets old or repetitive. The gym is equipped with every toy imaginable. Never thought I would be flipping 220lb tires! The men and women I do bootcamp with are so supportive and nice to be around and I look forward to seeing them daily. As for Regan, I can't say enough great things about him. He truly is nothing but encouraging and he pushes me to give my max effort for max results. He has all these little pointers you wouldn't think of but these little things can better help you achieve your goals. What I really like, is he can adapt and modify any exercise to your fitness level or to compensate for an old injury. Regan knows our weak spots and he often offers up a modification before we even ask! You can tell he really loves what he does and he is passionate about helping us achieve our goals. Whether you are a beginner or a beast, you will feel welcome in this class and you will get a fantastic workout. Besides bootcamp, the gym also offers classes for crosstraining, weightlifting, yoga, and now even classes for kids to improve their strength, speed, and agility. There are earlier morning classes as well if that works better for your schedules. I still have a lot more fat to burn and muscle to tone, but I am only excited and optimistic that this gym will get me my dream body!"

-Sue Groendal


“I've been going for about a month now - I'm not a fitness junkie but I am actually enjoying it! Regan keeps it fun and challenging but simple enough for a recovering couch potato like me to keep up. I love it and am not sure why the negative reviews - there's simply nothing negative to say about it! Regan is super motivating and it's the first time in a long time I've stuck with something. So glad my neighbor recruited me! Also the price is super reasonable and no one cares if my kids play around the soccer field during the session, making it super easy for a busy working mom to get it done. Love it and would definitely recommend it! Thanks Regan for your dedication!"
-Kirsten O'Quinn


"I have been training at this gym since before Regan started here. I started out as a client and have been teaching a bootcamp at 5:15 for almost two years now. If you are thinking about joining, do your homework. Some of the reviews on the site are fraudulent and from people who have a chip on their shoulder from things completely unrelated to the current gym space. Regan does an amazing job of keeping things interesting. The workouts are always different and he utilizes an insane amount of his own expertise and things he learns from others in his classes. If you want to try the gym out, come in and work with any of the fantastic trainers (myself included) and see what you think for yourself. We are always happy to work with any fitness level and can modify anything to your current ability levels. I have experience with this gym from when it was Sussex Crossfit and now as Optimal Fitness. The gym in no way markets itself as a Crossfit gym. We do add weights to quite a few of the workouts and we do teach a Weightlifting specific class, but we also do running drills, rowing, multi-directional agility training, kick-boxing, body-weight activities, and so many other types of exercise that no day is the same. Anyone who isn't happy with their class that they have actually attended for themselves, please come to Regan or another trainer and we are happy to work with you to find a solution. I am always open with my classes to tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if they just want a certain type of workout that day. I'm totally open to most anything! Regan has been amazing to work with. He's such a professional and has so much knowledge that he brings to the gym. He's ALWAYS positive (annoyingly so at 5 in the morning), and will work tirelessly to make sure his gym is one of the best around! Regan, you are doing a great job.. keep it up. I wish you all the success in the world. You deserve nothing but good things."

-Kelly Hendrix


"My son and I absolutely love Optimal Fitness and Regan Anderson!! My son was in the sports performance program with Regan and Ian. My son has never had so much fun working his butt off as he did in this program. Regan and Ian are so upbeat, encouraging, supportive, well educated, and fun for the kids! Regan also was supportive to myself as well offering an amazing opportunity to get started working with him as well. While Regan kicked my butt he definitely keeps you motivated with his non stop positivity and encouragement! If you're looking for a great gym, great trainers with tons of education and experience that will kick your butt while you smile, Optimal Fitness and Regan Anderson is the place to go!!!"

-Michele Reyes


"As a person who works out everyday, Optimal Fitness covers all my needs with weights and gym equipment. The gym is kept clean and everyone who attends the gym is respectful of one another. Regan has been a valuable resource for me in meeting my fitness goals, showing me new techniques and workouts, in addition to helping me find the right supplements for my diet. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness or personal self-confidence!"

-David Beverly


"As a past college soccer player, I can honestly say this is the best shape I have ever been in my entire life. I give credit to Optimal Fitness Gym and the trainers Regan Andersen, Kelly Hendrix and Ryan Atkins. I come to book camp almost 5 days a week, crossfit 2 days, and the weight lifting class on Sundays. I truly can't get enough. Regan does an amazing job and really puts his heart and soul into his gym. He should be very proud. I enjoy the classes so much that I have been telling everyone about his boot camp. I have brought in over 10 friends to come try it. Not only do they love it, but they have continued to come back.

Regan works with all fitness levels and really makes everyone feel welcome. He wants everyone to succeed at their best. He is very motivating and encouraging. His classes are designed for everyone no matter their fitness level. He puts lots of time into planning each class and makes sure everyone understands each exercise. I leave every class saying what a great total body workout it was.

Not only do I love Regan's classes, but my daughter does as well. My daughter joins Regan twice a week for his Sports Performance class for kids. The kids love him. He pushes them in a way they respond to. My daughter loves the variety of exercises they perform each week. She feels confident and excited to attend class with Regan. Thank you!

Regan, continue to doing the amazing job you are doing. You run a great gym. It's so fun to watch it grow!"

-Melissa Foshager Kappeler